Change Pinned Folder Icon in Quick Access in Windows 10

The Quick Access location is a new folder in Windows 10's File Explorer. It is where Explorer opens by default instead of This PC. Quick Access shows recent files and frequent folders in a single view. You can also pin various locations inside Quick Access. The thing you cannot do is change the icon of a pinned folder. Windows 10 does not allow you to customize it using the GUI, but you can do a simple trick to bypass this limitation.

Windows 10 is using the default yellow folder icon for folders pinned to Quick Access. It looks as follows:

Folder Pinned To Quick Access

If you are not happy with the default icon used for that folder, there is a way to change it to any icon you want. Here is how.

Change Pinned Folder Icon in Quick Access in Windows 10

You cannot change the icon for your pinned folders directly. But you can unpin a folder, change its icon in Properties and pin it back to Quick Access. Then the custom icon will be used. Here is how.

  1. If a folder is already pinned to Quick Access, then unpin it.Unping From Quick Access
  2. In File Explorer, right-click on your folder and select Properties in the context menu.Properties In Context Menu
  3. The Properties window will appear on the screen.Properties WindowThere, go to the Customize tab.Properties Customize Tab
  4. Click on the button "Change icon..." and select a new icon for your folder.Windows 10 Change Folder Icon
  5. Now pin your folder to Quick Access.Pin Folder To Quick Access

Voila, the File Explorer app will use your custom icon instead of the default one.
Before:Folder Pinned To Quick AccessAfter:

Change Pinned Folder Icon In Quick Access In Windows 10

That's it.

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