Librarian is powerful libraries manager for Windows 7 which allows you to take full control on Windows 7 libraries, including custom icons with two clicks.
Latest version is Librarian 3.0 with Windows 8 support. Changelog is below.

Here is the full list of features:
  • Create a new library with any folder(s) inside.
  • Change library's icon.
  • Rename library.
  • Change content type of new or current library.
  • Change "default save location" option.
  • Change "Show in Navigation Pane" option.
  • Show library as XML.
  • Change icons for default libraries in Windows 8.

Librarian's Changelog

  • v 3.0
    "More useful UI" was removed because it was a cause of many crashes. Modern folder browser is used instead of that crappy component.
    Full Windows 8 support.
    Minor bugfixes in code according to users report.
  • v 2.0
    Fixed crash with opening Properties of empty library which was created with Explorer (not librarian)
    More useful UI to add folders to library provided. It allows to add multiple folders at once.

  • v 1.0.1
    Fixed bug with renaming on non-English versions

  • v 1.0
    Initial Release

Custom cool icons for your libraries are included with application.

Librarian is a portable application and does not require to be installed. Since version 3 it shipped with versions for Windows 7 and separately for Windows 8.

Download Librarian

Donate options for satisfied users:

April | 28 Jul 11

Thank you! It was so troublesome not having the control I wanted over my library so thank you! thank you! thank you! :D

It's not a big change but it makes getting around my netbook so much easier. Thank yoooooooooooou.

Can't wait to see what other programs you guys make :D

Sergey | 29 Jul 11
Comments: 478

We will update our software list as soon as possible

snoync | 04 Sep 11


worlds bigist fan | 31 Oct 11

most amzing softwere plus u have the best patch maby even only patch that alowws u to change windows starter with personisation it gives me all features thank u pluss i can also download themes off windows plz make a osx theme compaptible with windows 7 with the toolbar file ect...

your biggist fan

Sergey | 01 Nov 11
Comments: 478

thanks for your interest, but i am not a designer. There are lots of other people who makes "transformation packs" from 7 to osx. Try their work, this one for example:

Gian.Krl0 | 14 Apr 13

To be really useful, the application should let us remove those pesky libraries!

mattjs | 11 May 13

One thing missing is the ability to change the order the folders added to the library are listed in the library.
This is by default first to last added order.
Being able to move them up and down in this list would be great!

Calcasieu | 20 May 13

I have attempted to use Librarian but can not get it to work. After downloading the zip file, I click on "librarian.exe" and a window comes up that 'Librarian has stopped working' and Windows is checking for a solution to the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

Sergey | 20 May 13
Comments: 478

What is you OS and OS language?

Calcasieu | 20 May 13

OS is Windows 7 Professional - Service Pack 1 - 64 bit. Not sure about OS language.

Calcasieu | 30 May 13

Have I been dropped?

Sergey | 30 May 13
Comments: 478

I reimagined the way i get the libraries list.
Within few days Librarian will be updated to 3.1, this must resolve the issue.

Sergey | 31 May 13
Comments: 478

Calcasieu I figured out your issue.
Librarian is not 1 exe file, it is 3 files , one exe and 2 dll.
One of your dlls is damaged or missing.
Please re-download the app, unpack everything in one folder and try again.

Calcasieu | 02 Jun 13

Hey Sergey,
You nailed it.
It is working now.

Marco | 06 Aug 13

Hi, So it's open and lists can be added, changed etc...
Now the important point. How to add files to these libraries?
Is it just a collection with an icon that link to the sub dir(s) where the files are dropped?
Can new files be added to these collections by a save command or so?

Dreed | 22 Sep 13

Cant add folders from mapped network drive on Win 8.1. They get added to the list in Librarian. But once you exit they are gone.

ely | 06 Jan 14

your work is excellent, it works on windows 8.1, in the future it would be possible to change the look of the icons of favorites and those subfolders "this computer"?I hate the color yellow!!!!! Thanks..

Sergey | 07 Jan 14
Comments: 478

ely, thanks
take a look on This PC Tweaker

ely | 07 Jan 14

Thanks for pc tweaker it is very useful with are already 90 per cent of perfection, but I have a question please, when you create a "new folder" empty this always appears in yellow ... How can not change the color every time? but with the color of the other in my case in black? thanks and sorry for the trouble and sorry for my bad english!

Sergey | 07 Jan 14
Comments: 478

It appears in yellow because it uses a system icon for opened folder.

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