KB4015583 Direct Download Links (Build 15063.138)

Microsoft has just started the official rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update. Since the completion of the code for this milestone, the company has released several ZDPs (zero day patches) for the system, fixing some of the rough edges and addressing the latest security threats. The latest update, KB4015583 raises the build number to 15063.138. Like all Windows 10 updates, it is cumulative and includes all previous updates. Creators Update users have to download just the latest patch, regardless of when the OS was installed.

Windows 10 Build 15063.138

The following changes are being made with this update, according to the official changelog:

  • Addressed issues with updated time zone information.
  • Security updates to Scripting Engine, libjpeg image-processing library, Hyper-V, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, Internet Explorer, Graphics Component, Active Directory Federation Services, .NET Framework, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Microsoft Edge and Windows OLE.

The change log also states that there are no known issues for this update. If you're running Windows 10 Creators Update for some time or just upgraded to it (tip: Here is how to download ISO images), check for available updates on the Windows Update page in the Settings app. Alternatively, you can use the following direct download links.

KB4015583 direct download links (build 15063.138)

To install these files in Windows 10, please refer to the article How to install CAB and MSU updates in Windows 10.

Windows 10 build 15063 is the RTM build of Windows 10 "Creators Update" version 1703. You might be interested in reading what's new in this feature update for Windows 10, and how to disable all kinds of ads in this release.

One thought on “KB4015583 Direct Download Links (Build 15063.138)

  1. Just a Concerned User

    Again, putting aside all the tales of the telemetry and privacy woes, I honestly have been trying to like Windows 10 and I do think that it has come a long way. But after doing the update to 15063.138 via Windows Update yesterday, which by the way went surprisingly well for me.

    I did notice in the new Windows Defender Security Center under Device performance & health, that the Health report says report is not available. It has been like that since I updated last night. I have since restarted my system several times, but it still shows no report is available. In 15063.13 the health report was fine.

    I do have to admit that the Windows 10 Creators Update via the Update Assistant went very smoothly for me on April 5th. I had encountered a lot of problems with the Anniversary Update and plenty more issues with the cumulative updates that were released. However downloading and installing them manually always worked 100% of the time.

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